Buying your car on Hired Purchase? If you are, then it is a prerequisite to have fully comprehensive cover, your financing bank needs this in order to let you take delivery of your new wheels. And Comprehensive cover needs to be maintained for the duration of your finance period.

Lucky for you, we know that budget is always at the forefront of any insurance policy. So we bargained deals with most of our county’s Insurance heavy’s for platinum rates, we are UBER excited to pass these very same rates on to all our customers! Don’t let high premiums affect you, give US a call today

Cover options:

Comprehensive cover is vital for your financing bank to release your vehicle, it is a prerequisite for your vehicle to be comprehensively insured for the duration of your finance term, and the smart people out there will look after their purchase even when not financed.Cover includes:

  • Own damages (accidental or malicious)
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Hijacking
  • Third-party (damages caused to other parties/property)

This is a cover option to ensure that even if cash is a bit tight, you have at least covered some of your bases. This policy option covers your vehicle for:

  • Theft
  • Fire Damages
  • Damages caused by others and their property

The Third-party only package is there for the older and lower valued vehicles, it covers you for any damages you may cause to others in the event of an accident, it does not cover for anything other than third-party only.

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