Our aggressive approach to staffing up our departments with the right individuals has been our greatest achievement. And is testament to our ability to provide truly unequalled Short Term Insurance solutions along with pretty awesome and sound advice!

“How did you manage that o’ wonderful Ubersure?” I hear you ask…

It’s really quiet simple when you declutter the situation!

You see, we make it our job to understand all the wonderful people that make up this cultural potjie pot that is the South African population. After all, in the words of the great Tata Mandela “People come and go. Customs, fashions and preferences change.“

And thus, so must the product providers who strive to provide our nation with truly South African specific Insurance solutions!

That’s where we come in!

Our business model focuses specifically on Personal Lines insurance.

But that’s not where we ended! No sir… so we called up a few product specific international powerhouses we just happened to have on speed dial, and assisted in developing Value Added Products to perfectly complement our platinum rated Insurance solutions.

Because we have made it our mission to understand people, we know that more often than not people are looking for a great over all product. And not just worried about “the cheapest” solutions.

After all, I’m sure you wouldn’t walk into a sky-diving shop and ask for the cheapest parachute?

Which is why our focus is on providing simple and effective products to cater for all potential needs. Our in-house professional development teams are dedicated to ensure all our advisors are asking the right questions and providing advice which is in line with treating customers fairly and products which are on point with each client’s diverse needs!

Asking the right questions are first and foremost the beginning of a mutual understanding of what is important within an Insurance policy, only after needs have been established do we rigorously work on meeting such needs with a policy provider that is in line with the important aspects as noted within the needs analysis.

Because no two Insurers are the same in their product offerings, operating systems or after sales services etc. We have always paid special attention to bringing tried and tested partners along for the ride. As previously noted, we know that the right options are what matter when taking into consideration our multi-cultural society.

Our business affiliates have made it possible for us to select the best 20+ products available in the market.
All our rates are platinum (lowest possible) and some of which are available through our call center, and coming from 12 of South Africas top Insurers.

VAP Partners

  • One Loyalty
  • EFS (Empire Fleet Solutions)
  • Motorite
  • I-Credit
  • Cartrack

Because we know our clients are far better looking with a smile on their dial, our business model caters for full after sales servicing.

We take great care in looking after and maintaining our clients’ portfolios from in-house;

  • Claims assistance
  • Policy updates
  • Policy changes
  • Policy re-evaluation
  • And many more boring insurance functions.

We really are a one stop shop where client satisfaction is at the forefront of our business model.

We don’t just stop here though! Oh no… our fully functional on site Quality Control Center screens each and every call company-wide to ensure our advisors are fully FAIS compliant and are always keeping to our culture in providing all clients with fair, honest and affordable portfolio solutions.

Regular samples are then quality checked by management to ensure our Quality Control teams are adhering to their responsibilities. Seems a bit daft we know, quality checking quality checks but hey… our clients end up smiling which makes us smile 

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